Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world

Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world


These are the top aide biggest unexplained natural mysteries of the world

Number eight

1 Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world Naga fireballs
We’ve got the Naga fireballs a two hundred and fifty mile-long stretch of the Mekong River in southern Asia is known for producing an incredible phenomenon every year. Around the time of the Buddhist Lent in late October red glowing balls of fire spontaneously arise from the river and float up into the air. They range in size from small sparkles of light all the way up to basketballs and larger after floating up in the air several hundred feet/. They then disappear without a trace possible explanations range from harsh gas to plasma physics to human causes some accused the phenomenon of being nothing more than tracer rounds fired but, the location military as a prank and traditional or attributes them to the Magic’s of the Naga’s mythical 7 like creatures with incredible powers.

Number seven

2 Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world tarantula
We have tarantula town a small area near the town of manning greed and Australia boasts eighty dubious honor dr. Angela down by locals nearly 25,000 of a strange breed of creepy crawlies seen or else in the world live together. In an extremely close proximity with their borrows lying only a few feet apart from one another behavior which is completely unknown everywhere else in the world of accolades in general and tarantulas in particular on to.

Number six

3 Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world tarantula star jelly
Its star jelly shapeless the lesson blobs of group commonly associated with meteor shower is stodgy ellie has been battling mankind for almost a thousand years John of God isn’t riding in the 13th century talks about still up to area and refers to this terrorist line can be found in an English Dictionary dating to around forty 40 gelatinous in texture it can be found on the grass orange trees around during and shortly after meteor showers and a reference not long after.

Number five

4 Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world Bermuda Triangle
A very famous Bermuda Triangle also known as The Devil’s Triangle this patch of ocean airlines between the middle order Rico and Florida has been responsible for an incredible number of disappearances. And directs and ships over the years and no one has any clue why potential explanations range from mysterious energy from the hidden continent of Atlantis which reportedly lies in this area to aliens magnetic fields.

Number four

The hum what did the cities of Taos New Mexico Bristol England and Windsor Ontario all have in common. Did you get that these areas all experienced an unexplained audio phenomenon known as the hunt which drives residents to sleeplessness dizziness even nausea nosebleeds and in at least one reported case suicide if not don’t feel bad the harm is one of the world’s strangest phenomenon and no one has absolutely any clue what could be causing it described as a low throbbing sounds similar to a diesel engine idling only 2% of the population in affected areas is able to hear the sound making identification.

Number three

6 Top 8 Biggest Unexplained Natural Mysteries of the world Tunguska event
The Tunguska event on June 30th 1908 and area around in eastern Siberia was rocked by the largest ever known man-made explosion in recorded history approximately. 18 million trees in an area of almost 800 square miles were completely flattened by the impact of the blast, which was estimated to be between 10 and 30 megatons in strength that’s anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 times stronger than that of a nuclear weapon dropped on Hiroshima comparison the shock wave from the blast alone would .

Number two

The dancing played one of the most baffling incidents in history is the so-called dancing plague of 1518 which occurred in the town of Strasburg. In the region of Alsace in France it all began when a single woman one misses begin wildly dancing in a min of the street Monday she proceeded to continue to dance never posing for rest or sleep for the next four to six days within the first week. 34 other people had joined in and at the end of the first month overboard hundred people had succumbed to this incredibly bizarre condition eventually people began dying as those affected quite literally danced themselves to death succumbing to heart attacks strokes .

Number one

The WoW signal perhaps the most incredible of all unexplained natural phenomenon is the so-called WoW. Signal which was received by radio astronomer named Jerry a came back in 97 Jerry was searching for evidence of extraterrestrial life and had decided to concentrate his search on the band of radio waves rather than looking for metal probes are you opposed using the famous biggie radio telescope.


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