Shocking Medical Conditions You Won’t Believe exsit

They say that seeing is believing
Shocking Medical Conditions You Won’t Believe Exist

Sometimes, however even when you see something with your own eyes, it can be too bizarre to believe. This holds true in the world of medicine where there are conditions so shocking they seem like they’ve been made up. From mental conditions to bone and skin diseases, many people have a hard time believing these following medical conditions actually exist.

Morgellons disease

If you heard a patient had sores, rashes and the belief their skin was crawling you’re think they were some sort of drug addict Morgellons disease is a mysterious illness which leads suffers I think that something is crawling on or under their skin. Suffers report threads and fibers sticking into an under their skin as well as a range of rashes and sores. Skeptics argue this disease a figment of the imagination or result from drug use. Strangely the disease predominantly affects middle aged white women.

Cutaneous Horns

looking at these pictures you might think that this was some former bizarre Internet hoax. Nope this condition actually exists and is caused by skin tumors which take on the appearance of horns. For the most part, these horns are benign but can also be malignant or precancerous in nature. Made up of the same material found in fingernails, the horns generally appear on the head but have been known to shop elsewhere, including the genitalia.

Shocking Medical Conditions You Won't Believe Exist

Tree man Illness

This disease is truly shocking because of the way it seemingly transforms those affected. Medically known as Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis, three-man illness is a genetic disorder which makes those affected highly susceptible to certain viruses. This results in the appearance of scaly growth and wards were spreading give the appearance of the body being covered in tree bark even worse, the exposure to sunlight appears to speed up the spread of the growth.

Stone Man’s Disease

Officially known as Fibrodysplasia ossificas progressive, this condition results in the muscles of a person turning into bone. Over time, as the process continues, a person afflicted with this becomes unable to move limbs as their body hardens. Those affected number only in the hundreds and attempts to treat them have generally proved unsuccessful. doctors have found that surgery to remove excess bone only result in the body replacing it with more bone.


To see someone affected by elephantiasis might lead you to believe that you are seeing some sort of trick. After all how can someone arms and legs be so disproportionately large? Unfortunately, this shocking condition has all too real and affects tens of millions of people. The condition is caused by parasitic infections spread by mosquitoes. Sufferers experience thickening of the skin and the swelling of tissue which can make lip swelled resemble an elephant’s leg. The good news is that this condition is totally treatable.


Since world are apparently made up does that mean all those pictures of the internet at people with excessively hairy faces are fake? Actually a lot of these pictures you may have seen of overly hairy people are very real. Rather than trying to trick you with a master makeup, people suffering from hypertrichosis are experiencing a very real genetic disorder which caused her to grow in all over their faces. The only surefire treatments hair removal meaning suffers must put up with excessive hair forever.

Foreign accent Syndrome

We’re probably all tried at one point or another doing our best impression of a foreign accent. However, did you know that there is actually a condition or someone legitimately talks in a foreign accent? Called foreign accent syndrome sufferers have been known to start speaking with
an accent which is not their own following a stroke or some other type of head trauma. Specialists say suffers don’t pick up a whole new language they can you speak their normal language, just with the added accent.


Un-smurfing believable yes suffers of this condition do turn blue. Algyria is the name given to patients who have been over exposed to chemical compounds of silver. The promise over is that once it gets into a person the body doesn’t know how to get rid of it. In high enough concentrations silver pigments and up in the skin where they give a person a strained bluish gray color. Shockingly despite their appearance those offerings condition is usually quite healthy.


Most people are familiar with him angioma in the form of a common birthmark. However, in extreme cases hemangioma can go beyond a reddish patch of skin and turn someone into an unbelievable sight. In such cases capillaries and veins the face can swell and turning to growing tumors that continually expand, covering the face and threatened to blind and suffocate suffers. In the most extreme known case holds a Master from Portugal had almost his entire face covered in a giant tumor. In 2010 doctors removed the 12-LB tumor and beyond reconstructing his face.


We all age it’s a natural process of life. However, some people suffer from a rare disease stages them an incredibly rapid rate. Like a reverse Benjamin Button syndrome, children who suffer from progeria show a range of signs and symptoms that they are getting older. Those affected lose their hair get wrinkly and have small often fragile bones within the first few years of life. Over time organ failure and circulatory problems increase. It’s a shocking very real condition with no known treatment.

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