10 Inappropriate Teacher and Student Relationships

Shocking Teacher and Student Love Affairs

Teachers are supposed to enlighten our minds with knowledge and prepare us for the real world. The teachers in this video educated their students in a much different way. Here are some shocking teacher-student love affairs.

10 Inappropriate Teacher and Student Relationships

Kathryn Murry

Kathryn Murry is a married middle school teacher who had an affair with her eighth-grade student Jimmy Palace. He was just 15 when you met Murray who was English tutor. After she found a ripped up love note from Palace Murray approached him and told him that she liked him too. What started as flirting soon escalated into a relationship with the couple had sex twice in the classroom. A few times and palaces bed and even at a hotel on the night of a school dance. Murray was released after two years in jail had to register as a sex offender.

Jeremy forrest

Jeremy forrest was a math teacher based in England when he engaged in a sexual relationship with one of fifteen year old female students. The relationship escalated to a level where the couple ran away together to France before being caught and brought back to the UK. Forrest was charged with kidnapping and having such as a minor incentives to five and a half years in prison. A year after they were caught fours in his former student had an emotional reunion forest behind bars.

Kim Bynum

Kim Bynum had an affair with her 17 year old high school juniors Alabama in 2011. She was initially facing charges however court dates have been pushed back. In Alabama the age of consent is 16 but it is illegal for educators he sexually involved their students until they turn 19. Bynum continue to see the student in May managed to get the charges dropped because she ended up marrying her studentL

Jennifer Caswell

While Jennifer Caswell was dealing with a failing marriage she ended up having sex with her 15 year old student who was persistent in getting a kiss from his teacher and then it escalated having sex standing up. Caswell had her teaching certificate for just six weeks we encounter began her classroom. She was arrested two months later for second-degree rape of the student. Caswell also blamed for Oklahoma small-town culture for the encounter as well.

Laura Whitehurst

Laura Whitehurst was a high school teacher in Redlands California and had a baby with one of several students she was having an inappropriate relationship with. She was initially charged with 41 counts of various different misconduct and eventually pleaded guilty to six of those charges and agreed to spend one year in jail. For baby ended up being taken care of by her students parents, who then sued the school for having to pay for the burden of taking care of the baby of the inappropriate relationship.

Michelle Preston

In Johnson County Kansas twenty eight-year-old Michelle president pleaded guilty and admitted having sex with at least two of her students at Shawnee Mission West High School. Because of a plea she didn’t have to serve any jail time which really ticked off the community and parents of the high school students. She started the sexual relationships on Facebook and was found out after a nude photo of her with spreading around campus.

Lindsay Norwood

Lindsay Norwood is a 37 year old married teacher at Mark Morris high school with children of her own. Her career and marriage came to an end when she started having an affair with one of her 18 year old students. Regardless of her students age he was still employed as an educator and married. The student even met her children it was threatened by her husband several times asking that he stopped seeing her. The affair came to light after the students parents complained to the school and the police.

Ruth Vaughan

Ruth Vaughan was a teacher one of Britain’s top Boardin’s top boarding schools the Oakhan school in autumn. She change phone numbers with an 18 year old student and started sending flirtatious text before the relationship eventually turns sexual. After being caught Vaughan was permanently banned from ever stepping into the classrom again. But the most disturbing part was the couple argued about when their sexual relationship started. The studentF claim it started in the summer while Vaughan claimed it started the second week of school. Like it matters?

Nikki Scherwitz

Nikki Scherwitz was a 10th grade high school high school English teacher based Houston Texas eyebrows for high school. She had only been working at the school for nine months when she and her husband separated she started having a sexual relationship with one of her 16 year old students.Tthe relationship came to light after sure which showed up scantily clad and drunk to an after prom party with the students and partygoers alerted the police.

Symone Green

Symone Green was a 22 year old substitute teacher was caught having oral sex with a high school football player in washingtonDC. She managed to avoid a hefty jail time after she pleaded guilty for obstruction of justice after telling the football player to not cooperate with the authorities. the sexual assault charge was dropped with much controversy but Green can never work where she is in charge of minors ever again.

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