Extremely Bizarre Phobias You Might Have

Arachno phobias, claustro phobias.

We’re familiar with their standard phobias. But there are hundreds more out there that you probably have not even heard about. Stay tuned as we uncover some of the most bizarre phobia out here.

Who can possibly be afraid of it cute little catholic man wearing a small hat? that’s right Papa phobia is the fear of the pope. What the fear is we’re not too sure thing as though the pope has always been a peaceful man living quietly in Rome. Fear of the Pope seems to have stemmed from another phobia called hierophobia. Which is the fear of holy individuals and sacred things. no one is really sure what exactly may cause Papa phobia. But maybe as the fear finding out what’s underneath that robe?

Turophobia is the fear of that illegally goodness also known as cheese. People who have this phobia happened on to break out into sweat and have fits even the site of a single slice. Others can’t even stand to say or hear the words cheeser cheesy without feeling like they wanna gag. We understand not liking cheese but being afraid of it? Who knew brie could be terrifying!

Watch out Jay Leno! if someone runs away from you it may not be because they don’t like you but simply because they have a fear of chins. Those with geniophobia, primarily fear people with prominent chin, like a pointy Dr double chin. They will obsessively I other people’s chins, and even avoid interacting with those that have what they consider to be hideous and deformed chins.

This strange phobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth. Whats so scary about peanut butter? Apparently the sufferer figures the sticky. Texture when it sticks to the palate. He or she is overcome with a feeling of suffocation and panic. They feel uneasy when they can’t seem to get the peanut butter off and they may even have difficulty breathing in the process. Here’s a simple solution for all you are a computer phobic Tony peanut butter.

It’s no longer just stockers you need to watch out for! Antideaphobia is the irrational fear of being watched by a duck or goose. No matter where this offer is here she is played by the fear that somewhere a Duck is watching them. They are overcome with crippling feeling of anxiety and may even begin trembling or have difficulty swallowing. Extreme suffers of the phobia refused to leave the house in fear that they may encounter a duck.

Do you have a fear of holes? Get your mind out of the gutter! Let us rephrase that do you have a fear of clusters of holes? It so, you may very well have Tropophobia. From honeycombs to lotus pods clusters of holes can be found virtually everywhere and are surprisingly feared by a large number of people. Psychologists say this phobia is due to the brain associating the holes with something dangerous. Such as holes being made by insect or holes a nasty wound. People with Trypophobia experience panic attacks heart palpitations and itchy skin upon looking at these holy images.

Who would have ever thought that joyful phrases like “you on a million dollars” or “you’re free of chlamydia” can make someone feel so awful. People with your phobia have a fear of good news. Those suffering from your phobia have likely had past experiences where they were disappointed upon receiving good news. Because it never ended up coming true. They get anxiety upon receiving good news and thrive in a chaotic negative environment. Good news is you can cure their phobia with help from a professional. Or wait maybe that’s bad news.

Zemmiphobia is that my phobia is the fear of the giant mole rat. The strange part about this phobia is that giant mole rats don’t even actually exist! Mole rats are rather small and are actually kinda cute looking. Apart from their funny little things we find it hard to believe that this little creature could actually cause harm to anyone. So I fear it? May stem from one aversion to rodents. But the naked mole rat especially looks incredibly phallic. Seems to like people with the soviet may just have a fear of large penises!

This is exactly as it sounds the irrational fear of garden gnomes. Some numbers look friendly and jolly and others just downright creepy. So it’s not that difficult to see why some people would dislike them. Similar to the duck watching phobia Gnomophobiests get anxiety in the presence of a gnome. And get an uneasy feeling that the gnomes are watching them and potentially come alive when no one is looking. Hey, for all we know announced could be secretly plotting an attack on the human race… Can you tell we watch too many movies?

believe it or not panophobia is the fear of everything! The Panophobiest lives in a state of high anxiety and is constantly plagued by feeling of persistent evil. Though it can’t locate the specific source. He or she fears that something bad can happen at any given moment, thus essentially fearing any and everything. This is no doubt the most crippling of all fears because you literally have nowhere to run! The safest option would be to just stay in your house, but what do you do when you are afraid of your own house? Panophobia can even turn into photophobia which is a fear of developing a phobia!

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