Amazing great cases of feral children

Amazing great cases of feral children

In every folk, there is an animal impulse which is thoroughly concealed under the culture and elegance of 21st century. If you browse the history, you will discover out lots of circumstances of animal kid or animal lady who believed themselves as animals. Apart from this, they were quite comfy in home their life in the forest together with the wild animals. In the above discussed link you will find some animal folk throughout the whole world. If you are interested, likely to the link and view them in your very own eyes. So start searching for Really one-of-a-kind real stories for children now.

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1 Victor (The Wild Boy of Aveyron), France, 1797


2 John Ssebunya (The Monkey Boy), Uganda, 1991


3 Marie Angelique Memmie Le Blanc (The Wild Girl of Champagne), France, 1731


4 Ivan Mishukov, Russia, 1998


5 Kamala and Amala, India, 1920


6 Sujit Kumar Chicken Boy, Fiji, 1978

Amazing great cases of feral children

7 The Leopard Boy, India, 1912


8 Genie, USA, 1970


9 Madina, Russia, 2013


10 Marina Chapman, Colombia, 1959


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