10 Most WTF Dresses Pinterest

Pinterest never fail to disappoint especially when it comes to downright hideous fashion. From runway dress that looks like a crow died on the models chest to a knitted dress that looks like a rainbow park on you.

Here are 10 ethically ugly dress you can find on Pinterest.

Sewn In
Is that even a draft believes it or not this is actually supposed to be a wedding dress. The model looks like a cotton ball needed boost. How in the world did it get that shape and why is it towering over her head her little face popping out is pretty darn comical? I think she’s praying to the photographer t get her out of that hideous thing.

WTF paper addresses
since when was paper is suitable material to make dresses out of? Lease creations are actually pretty dangerous. We have to give it to the designers the geometric patterns must have taken a while to create, but papers should be used for drying designs on not making designed out of the models of this question the filing cabinet. I hope none of them got paper cuts out.

Tsum Tsum dress
Who wouldn’t want to be stuffed animals big and small plastered all over them? This dress was photographed at the fourth be 23 expo. Where disney’s biggest fans get together and dress up in cosplay Disney costumes the open the top ball gown was made by going over 300 Kim tombs from the Disney Store onto a pink dress. Individually the gym gyms are cute. But seen them all squished together like that? They are actually kind of creepy.

Road Kill Dress
Yikes! since when did a dead crow found across someone’s chest become fashionable? This Alexander McQueen creation is an absolute eyesore. We’re pretty sure those feathers are real so the question remains. How did they get their hands on them did they kill a bird specifically for the dress or do they just use road kill? McQueen’s creations are usually stunning but this whole dead bird thing is pretty disturbing.

Runway Disaster
sometimes runway fashion is playing out ugly take this orange and yellow tulle tiered dress is a cringe-worthy example. It looks like the designer was trying to create some sort of loop a look and topped it off with a red bow just because. I can imagine how uncomfortable that model deals with redhead spreading out of the
two like that. It’s just downright hideous.

Peep Show Dress
Can this even be considered a dress? Worn it a big event like the MTV Music Awards. Jodie Marsh is clearly not try to find all she’s got. She looks almost naked and is one easy slip away from going into the X category. This shirt as heck skirt is daring enough on its own without the glittery fun looking string around her waist and dominatrix traps covering up her nipples. We think the bouquet is the only pretty part of this ensemble.

10 Most WTF Dresses Pinterest
10 Most WTF Dresses Pinterest


Ugly Christmas Dress
Forget about ugly Christmas sweaters this ugly Christmas just take the case. And has a gingerbread man, tree ornaments and a bear dressed as Santa plus lots of other Christmas the elements. constructed from a bunch of ugly Christmas sweaters all sewn together it’s a holiday fashion no-no.

Walking Pinata
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this ridiculous for a kaleidoscope dress comes into your life. It’s perfect if you want to look like a rainbow swallowing you whole. Always dreamed of looking like a walking piñata. The only place it would be even a little bit acceptable is at a trippy outdoor music festival. But even that’s pushing it.

Mummy Dearest
What the heck… This dress is completely bizarre and seriously freaky. Showcase at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2010 have to wonder what exactly the designer was thinking. If the eyeless masculine enough to spook you the mummified headgear might just do the trick.

Octopus Dress
Where do I even start with this dress created for a Berlin Fashion Show. The designer took the under the seat team to a whole nother level. Dressing the model in seaweed and a real dead octopus it looks super slimy. Uncomfortable and the light blue sea creature just ultimately isn’t a good look.

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