10 Mind-Blowing Google secret You Need To See

These fun online checks to the search engine giant might not make for a productive afternoon.
10 Mind-Blowing Google SECRET You Need To See
Google interfaces

Google’s homepage is known for its simplicity. hosting the company’s iconic logo above a textbox research items with a few more clickable icons set against a plain white backdrop. The flavor of the main search page stems from its multiple interfaces, with language options offered within their settings menu that vary from a diverse mix of global languages to some fun. Quirky dialect. On top of English, French, Spanish and countless other regional tongues, a user can customize their page to appear in the dialect of the Swedish Chef, Elmer Fuod, Klingon hacker lingo and Even Pig Latin.


Google In1998

Google has come a long way from being formally incorporated in 1998, but it hasn’t forgotten its early roots. A search for Google in 1998 will automatically reconfigure the search result to mirror the site’s original layout from eighteen years ago. It is momentarily jarring to finally see logo familiar for its color scheme for barring an entirely flooring shadowed find an ever-present exclamation mark. Not to mention a list of results that have shifted to the left side of the page with no images or other links to the right to fill the white space.

10 Mind-Blowing Google secret You Need To See


Do a Barrel Roll

Those who are prone to dizziness or have a weak stomach may want to avoid typing do a barrel roll into their Google search. To emulate the spinning aerial maneuver airplane that is typically used in military missions. Google literally takes the results page for a full spin in front of your very eyes. Given up the top result is actually a brightly colored. Embedded YouTube video guiding you through six cool Google Easter eggs, the spin creates a pretty stunning sensory experience. Don’t say we didn’t warn you


Tilted Google

Certain words typed into Google search engine can put the site a little off balance. Typing tailed into Google produces results on a technology company and Wikipedia entry on a poker term, but something may seem just a little off about the page. That because, in keeping with the search topic some prankster has reconfigured the page to be slightly, well, tilted. If you watched the effect executed in a more obvious manner, type of skill into your Google search and then it really becomes evident that things aren’t quite even.


Flip a Coin

having trouble deciding between two options but lacking a nickel, dime quarter to make the decision for you? Google has you covered. Type flip a coin into Google and the site will provide their own automatic coin flip generator, showing both the coin and a text-based prompt for which side has landed on. If you want to make it two out of three or 305 you have the option of continuing to flick as many times as you wish. If tighter more your style enters roll a die and generate the results for her role of a six-sided die.



The nerds at Google aren’t above having some fun with users. If you type recursion into your browser, you will notice an embedded definition that explains it as the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition. In other words, it’s a process of repeating items in a similar way. So some programmers surely

got a chuckle out of adding a corrective link that asks you did you mean recursion. Those who don’t get the judge will surely find frustration and clicking on the recursion link and getting the exact same page but they just came from.


Blink HTML

To be a Google programmer chances are you’re pretty well-versed in HTML computer code. so why not flex a little HTML muscle is part of the search result? If you type link HTML into Google and normal set of results appears albeit with a rather flashy appearance. In each mention of blamed on the results page the word flashes actually blinking. A little not to back and HTML coding.


Google Gravity

The I’m feeling lucky feature is a little used aspect of the Google search experience. But one that can produce some interesting find. Take the Google gravity feature by software designed guru Mr. Doob for example. Typing Google gravity and hitting the I’m feeling lucky button brings you to a cool feature and which the Google homepage is literally falling down on itself, thanks to gravity. Likewise, feeling lucky while typing Google sphere brings you to a page featuring all the other link options on the homepage or riding around the Google logo.


Use the Force Luke

ok so this easter egg technically applies to YouTube. for whom Google is the parent company. On youtube.com any Star Wars fan have the opportunity to keep force in action. Just typing iconic use, the Force Luke line into the search box and meet like Luke Skywalker, using the force by navigating your mouse around the floating search results screen. Wonder how many people stumbled upon its cool trick unintentionally over the past few months while waiting the fore awakens.


Who is The Cutest?

Feeling low and looking for a quick, little, feel good ego boost? Google provides one in the form of a fun, time wasting video clip that appears if you ask the search engine who is the cutest and quickly I’m feeling lucky button. You will be automatically directed to whoisthecutest,com, a colorful musical video awaits that reveals spoiler alert that you are theĀ  cutest. Even if you don’t need to pick me up it might be worth checking out the video if only for the catchy whimsical team that accompanies it.

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